Higher Education in the USA

Population of the USA is about  320 million .

There are 50 million BA degree holders .

But 25 million of them are underemployed, since they do not have enough skills .

There are 20 million HE students in the USA.

But colleges are expensive, parents cannot afford it .

High performing colleges are only 200 with 5 million enrollment .

The graduates of the low performing colleges cannot find a decent job .


To increase enrollment of the high performing colleges .

But it requires huge investments and new professors.

Solution is TECHNOLOGY .

Increase the enrollment of high performing universities by online degree programs by 10 million new enrollment . It is easy . It does not require any Money but wisdom . ONLINE courses will be developed by these high performing universities’ professors same as face to face courses . If universities charge only $ 200 per course and enroll only 500 online students to each online class in 10 semesters they can collect  

10 semesters x 500 students x $ 200 = $ 1,000,000

That is more than enough for the cost plus some profits .